Shreyas Banerjee ’19

"The Middle School experience at Maumee Valley is like no other. There is such an atmosphere of positivity and learning. The MVCDS Middle School taught me how to learn and gave me the necessary skills to succeed."


  • 7 - 8年级

    Preparing For The Future


  • 对系统

    The Middle School advisee system allows for relationships to be nurtured by fostering kindness, respect for self and others, 参与, and responsibility. Advisors mentor small groups of 7th and 8th graders, allowing them to get to know each student well. The advisee system builds an encouraging environment with a strong community of learners; advisees get to know each other on a more personal level than they would have normally in the classroom. These advisee/advisor relationships often continue beyond the middle school years.
  • 研究

    The Middle School recognizes the importance of introducing students to a variety of learning experiences. In addition to an engaging core course of study, the annual 研究 program offers personalized education through choice, the pursuit of passion, and exploration of various interests. 研究 allow for deep learning on topics of student interest such as computer programming, 漫画小说, 摄影, 或者音乐创作.
  • X-Block

    Students in grades 7 and 8 can further explore their passions during eXtended-Block (X-Block). Students conduct research, connect with professionals outside of the school, and meet with on-campus mentors to learn more about a topic in which they are interested. Information and insights collected by students are then shared with the school and community through projects, 建议, 和演示.
Maumee Valley teachers realize their students are capable of achieving far more than a great test score.

Students are capable of conjuring entire worlds with nothing more than a pen and paper, or creating a computer program based on a simple observation of need. Teachers provide students the enriching experiences to help them become independent minds and thoughtful individuals.

Required and elective Middle School classes enhance and emphasize critical thinking and creative problem-solving. A rigorous schedule keeps 7th and 8th graders engaged, motivated, and challenged throughout each day. Active and thoughtful lessons are the norm, and students are expected to collaborate with their teachers and peers daily. 演讲, interdisciplinary science, and society research presentations as well as small, seminar-style classes further prepare students for Maumee Valley’s Upper School.
Middle School parents can expect great things from Maumee Valley. Students will learn and live the Middle School pillars of Kindness, Respect, Responsibility, and Participation. These important character traits permeate every lesson and activity throughout the Maumee Valley Middle School.
Maumee Valley Country Day School is the only PreK-12th grade accredited, 男女合校, and independent school in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan.